Website by digital agency Yump

The Quick Emu website was designed and developed by Yump, the Melbourne digital agency with a focus on digital engagement via a user-centred design approach. Quick Emu is a life insurance consultant and broker helping Australians secure their financial futures and this website provides free quotes as well as educational articles increasing Australians’ knowledge about life insurance, income protection and trauma insurance policies.

The Melbourne-based digital strategy team at Yump worked in close collaboration with Life and Insurance Pty Ltd, also known as Quick Emu, to create a website and social media strategy was focused on giving valuable knowledge, tips and advice for consumers that would educate them about the different types of insurance policies and how to make them more affordable.

Yump is a digital agency based in Melbourne which specialises in providing digital marketing strategy, social media marketing strategy, content marketing, web design and web development via emerging trends such as UX methodologies, big data and behavioural economics.